• PT/OT,

    What can I say but thank you, thank you!!!! You made any recovery possible. I had such fun with all of you.  Thank you for the T.L.C. You made my stay with you very pleasant. Like a second home. I actually miss you all and think of you often. I promised you some fudge...so here it is. Enjoy!!!

    - Ruthie Rickard "The Puzzle Lady"
  • To all the people at Lynwood who helped me get there, and made my stay such a comfortable one with such a good caring staff. I thank you all. If I ever get into a situation like that again I will know where to come and know not to be scared!

    Your kindness and friendship still means a lot to me. I would recommend your service to anyone who needs it and know they will get great care. I hope you all are well. My back surgery is coming up soon - no set date yet.

    Take care!
    - Katrina A. (Kay)
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