• Dear Lynwood Staff,

    The family wants to thank you for the compassionate care you gave to our husband, father and grandfather during his short stay with you. All of your staff went above and beyond their jobs. The CNA's who cared for him would talk with Joe and let him know what they were doing. Realizing his pain they would apologize to him and make sure he was as comfortable as they could make him in his condition. Julie from PT would find out his likes and dislikes(she brought him and apple pie pudding one night) and she would share stories about her husband who is also Polish. She was very compassioanate and made all efforts to encourage him to regain his strength. Jim from PT also visited with Joe when he found out he was a motorcycle enthusiast, Jim brought in his own motorcycle jacket to share with him, hanging it in his closet. Julie Cruz showed her compassion by finding a shower chair that reclined that would be more comfortable for him. We missed her at the fineral home but were made aware that she came to visit the family and pay her respects. Nurses Keith and Luie went out of their way to make Joe more comfortable, contacting the doctor at our requests and at all hours and clipping notes to his chart for the next shift to follow through. I am sure we are missing some nurses/ CNA's or have misspelled some of their names but the framily was so inspired by their compassion. The office staff were so helpful in answering insurance questions and providing information. Robin at the front desk was always accessible to answer questions and direct us to the appropriate staff and give out hugs when we needed them. The social worker was so helpful in providing information and contacting Hospice for us, making herself accesssible at any time. The laundry crew were very helpful in finding Joes unmarked clothes and being very kind to our family. I am sure I have missied some of your staff that had contact with my other siblings and Joe and I dont want to omit any of them. We want everyone to know that we are so appreciative of the care you gave to Joe during his transition, treating him with respect, kindness and dignity in his final days with us.


    Jan and Family

    - The Family of Joseph Gebrowski
  • To all the people at Lynwood who helped me get there and made my stay such a comfortable one with such a good and caring staff. I thank you all. If I ever ge into a situation like that again I will know where to come and know not to be scared! Your kindness and friendship meant and still means alot to me. I would recommend your service to amyone who needs it and know they will get great care. I hope you all are well. Take care!!

    - Kathryn Ables "Kay"
  • With special thanks. Your kind expression of sympathy will always be remembered. Thank you for everything. You were a "Family" to her.

    The family of Margaret Schwalm

    Our love

    Jan and Eddie

    Lynne, Rick and Girls

    Rob, Bernie and family

    - Family of Margaret Schwalm
  • A very special thank you with sincere appreciation to the staff at Lynwood Manor. Thank you for the wonderful care you gave our mother Lexi Lancaster.

    Her children

    Rita, Tim, Ed and Jeff

    - Children of Lexi Lancaster
  • To all the staff that made our mothers stay so enjoyable, your house was her home!!!

    - Family of Marjorie Desbrough
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